About Manjushree Oak

She breathes music. She lives music. She is Miss Manjushree Oak, who has captured the hearts of thousand of her fan with her voice. As a disciple of Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar, she has mastered the art of music. Complex is too simple a word to describe Hridaynath Mangeshkar’s Compositions. But Manjushree took up the challenge to mesmerise the audience, making these musical creations look simple. It is the dedicated effort backed by a vast experience that makes her flawless in her performance.

Manjushree,  a M.A. in Indian Classical Vocal Music , has been practicing music since her childhood. The distinguishing mark of her songs is her ability to bring in variations in the voice to suit the actual singer. A difficult task indeed ! Her liking to all sorts of music makes her most versatile to all kinds of songs – whether it is Marathi or Hindi, Whether is a ghazal or a film song, whether is a slow number or a fast number that makes you dance to the tune. According to her, all music directors are flowers and that she would be plucking a flower from this enchanting garden, each with its own colour, own essence, own beauty, but all of them having only one purpose – to reach to the hearts.

With an experience of accompanying Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar in around 150 programs, Shri Arun Date in his ‘Shukratara’ in around 50 programs, Shri Shrikant Pargaonkar in his ‘Phir Wahi Sham’ – a tribute to Talat Mehmood in around 25 programs and numerous such programs in nooks and corners of the country, she has sensed the pulse of the audience. Being an announcer on AIR and Doordarshan programs adds to her expertise.

Manjushree Oak is a talented singer blessed with a melodious voice. Cultivating her childhood passion for music, Manjushree combined talent and practice to become a vocalist.The dynamic young nightingale, who has sung in hundreds of shows participating with O. P. Nayyar, Khayyamji, Kalyanji-Anandji and many other leading music directors & singers, is known for her sweet, mellifluous voice, clear diction and emotionally appealing renditions. She has received guidance from her father Shri. Vasant Oak as well as Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar and many other music directors, who brought out the best in her.

Inspired by the golden era in hindi film music, Manjushree specializes in organizing and hosting theme based musical shows, including classical music based programmes like e.g. Naadvedha, Saaj Aur Aawaj etc.She also renders songs in other languages like e.g. Bengali, Telgu etc. Her programmes are carefully planned, well-rehearsed and superbly presented. Her golden voice together with her enthusiastic presentation, unmistakably captivates the audience. Very recently she has rendered an outstanding Ghazal concert “Tarz” based on some very famous ghazals of one time along with a few ones specially written and composed for her alone.

Manjushree had been to Qatar (Doha) several times for her Ghazal concerts as well as Hindi – Marathi musical concerts. She had been to Cyprus for music festival. On many occasions she also performs the job of a compere when she describes the beauty of the programme songs within deep of it’s meaning,  sometimes even reading in between the lines.

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