About Manjushree Oak

Manjushree Oak – The Vocalist who loves challenges

Manjushree Oak is a talented singer blessed with a melodious voice. Cultivating her childhood passion for music, Manjushree combined talent and practice to become a vocalist. The dynamic young nightingale, who has sung in hundreds of shows participating with O. P. Nayyar, Khayyamji, Kalyanji-Anandji and many other leading music directors & singers, is known for her sweet, mellifluous voice, clear diction and emotionally appealing renditions. She has received guidance from her father Late Shri. Vasant  Oak as well as Padmashree Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar and many other music directors, who brought out the best in her. Manjushree has emerged as a versatile singer  who performs equally well across diverse musical genres, from film music to folk songs, from ghazal to sufi numbers, she presents an assortment of songs with effortless ease.

Holding the Master’s degree in Indian Classical Music Manjushree is also a graded artist of the All India Radio and features in various AIR and TV Programmes regularly. Manjushree has rendered Marathi duets in the Shadja Gandhar program of ETV Marathi and Solo songs in the Soor-taal program of Zee TV Marathi as well as in the Saptasoor program of SAAM  TV Marathi. She has also earned experience in working as an announcer at AIR, pune.

A milestone in Manjushree’s singing career –

Manjushree is the only Asian- Indian vocalist having found a place twice to the Asia Book of Records and the India Book of Records.

Manjushree set a new benchmark with “ Jewels of Asha Bhonsale ” the record making programme in 2017. Her non-stop 12 hour’s performance of Ashaji’s 121 songs is truly an unparalleled accomplishment. She earned a much deserved entry into the Asia Book Of Records and India Book Of Records for this success.

After this, in 2018 Manjushree took it to the next level and broke her own previous record. She paid a tribute to her Guru Padmashree Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar through the another record-making programme “ Guruvandana”. While setting this second new record into the Asia Book Of Records and  India Book Of Records, she rendered 151 songs composed and/or sung by him all alone for non- stop 15 hours .  For these two mega-events a crowd of 10 to 12 thousand people enthusiastically cheered Manjushree, while about 10,000 people enjoyed it online through live streaming.

After the splendid success of these two records, Manjushree took another great challenge to achieve The Guinness World Record. For this she made an official attempt named “AMRUTVAANI- Unity in Diversity” on 10th October 2019. This was an unparalleled 13 hours non-stop solo vocal performance in 121 Indian Languages.

Manjushree specializes in organizing and hosting theme based musical shows, including classical music based programs like e.g. Naadvedha, Saaj Aur Aawaj etc. She also renders songs in other languages like e.g. Bengali, Telugu etc. Her programs are carefully planned, well-rehearsed and superbly presented. Her golden voice together with her enthusiastic presentation, unfailingly captivates the audience. Manjushree has performed abroad  several times for her Ghazal concerts as well as Hindi – Marathi musical concerts.

She also holds workshops regarding Voice culture & Rendering of Light Music. The workshop helps music disciples to cultivate and tune their voices. It certainly improves their singing level to their best capacity.

Deeply motivated by a spirit of community service, Manjushree under her banner, Shree Yashlaxmi Arrt, donates part of the proceeds of her shows to social causes from time to time.

She is also working hard for a very genuine social cause of Water resource Management and its most optimal use to prevent its wastage, which includes arrangement  of rallies, road shows, publishing and distribution of brochures; souvenirs; booklets etc. She also holds Drawing Competitions in schools and colleges highlighting Water Conservation awareness.