Manjushree Vasant Oak

Manjushree, a M.A. in Indian Classical Vocal Music , has been practicing music since her childhood. The distinguishing mark of her songs is her ability to bring in variations in the voice to suit the actual singer. A difficult task indeed ! Her liking to all sorts of music makes her most versatile to all kinds of songs – whether it is Marathi or Hindi, Whether is a ghazal or a film song, whether is a slow number or a fast number that makes you dance to the tune. Manjushree Oak is a talented singer blessed with a melodious voice.


Shree yashlxmi arrt’s Backbone  Padmanabh Thakar

Mr. Padmanabbh Thakar has three decades of experience in Tourism industry. He is the owner of Padmashree Tourism and Travels.
Padmanabbh is not only a huge music lover but also has a keen ear for music. He adds value to the organization in various ways. He has introduced many ideas and concepts to take us to the next level. His organization skills are immensely useful in managing our events. He has even directed short films for us. His multi talented personality has made him the backbone of Shree Yashlaxmi Arrt.