Vasant Smruti Singing Competition

वसंत-स्मृती संगीत स्पर्धा
सर्व संगीतप्रेमींना मन:पूर्वक अभिवादन.


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Dear Friends,
“Vasant Smruti” On-line Singing Competition, as been a tremendous success, thanks to the very spontaneous & excellent response from participants, not only from within the country, but from overseas as well. Our grateful thanks!
It gives us great pleasure to announce the results of the competition, assessed & compiled by a jury of eminent & knowledgeable personalities, from the world of music.
The results can be viewed on the Facebook page of well-known singer & founder of Shree Yashalaxmi Arrt, Manjushree Oak. These can be viewed till 05 August ’20. As also, videos of winners & some selected participants, will also be posted on the FB page’The prize money of the winners, shall be deposited in their bank account after establishing personal contact with them. Similarly, Certificates of participation will be mailed to ALL, on their E-Mail addresses. Both activities will be done by 10 Aug ’20.
Subsequent to declaration of results, in case any of the participants need details of their performances or require any guidance, please feel free to call:-
98230 84606 OR 98231 42516

Thanking you